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Staff Reviews

Our practice does patient surveys in order to improve our care.
Here are some recent comments:

1-Dr.-Cypher125DR. CYPHER:

"Dr. Cypher listens and takes time to answer questions."

"I so appreciate his gentle spirit and willingness to spend time explaining when questions are asked."

"Professional, excellent care."

"Dr. Cypher has consistency in his services with the capacity for love, thoughtfulness, professionalism, and recognition of ordinary miracles through photos, magazines, and pictures."

"Dr. Cypher is respectful and treats me like I am intelligent."

"I appreciate Dr. Cypher having a bible on display in the worker’s area. God Bless them."

"I so appreciated when Dr. Cypher called me at home after my surgery to check on me. He really cares!"

2-Dr.-Arnett125DR. ARNETT:

"Dr. Arnett is very personable, understanding, knowledgeable, professional, interactive, and attentive to me and not patronizing."

"Had two babies delivered by Dr. Arnett and she was wonderful."

"Dr. Arnett is a very caring professional."

"Dr. Arnett has a wonderful sense of humor to help relax me. It is a joy to see her."

7-Ruth-Crawford-125RUTH CRAWFORD:

"I saw Ruth Crawford for polycystic ovarian disease and she was great and a wealth of knowledge. It is great to have this group of doctors in Butler.

"She always stays to answer every last question."

"Ruth always goes above and beyond to help me out and give me the very best care. Ruth always listens to my concerns. She never seems rushed."


ravasioDR. RAVASIO:

"Dr. Ravasio does a very good job of explaining things, explaining what she is doing before she does it. She is a very caring physician."

"Dr. Ravasio cannot be any sweeter. She is very patient, kind, and thorough and treats me like an important individual who she truly seems to care about."

"Dr. Ravasio takes the time to go over your history and she is a concerned, down-to-earth person."

"Dr. Ravasio answers all of my questions and gives me straight answers."

"Dr. Ravasio is very caring and understanding."

"Dr. Ravasio is a great listener, easy to talk to, and explains everything."

"Dr. Ravasio took me in on short notice and was very sympathetic and helpful."

4-Dr.-Curtin125DR. CURTIN:

"Dr. Curtin is an invaluable addition to your practice. I was very impressed by her thoroughness in patients."

"Dr. Curtin is very easy to understand and helpful with explanations."

"Dr. Curtin gave me a thorough exam that included any important information she felt I needed to know.


8-Laurie-Powell-125LAURIE POWELL:

"Is very personable and pleasant. I never waited more than 10 minutes to be seen. She is very patient and she never makes me feel rushed. She made my pregnancy a great experience."

"Laurie Powell is a fantastic provider. I recommended her to everyone. She is very patient-oriented and knows her job."

"Laurie Powell was most helpful and genuinely concerned about my situation. She answered my questions thoroughly and is a good listener."

"She gives me a moment of one-on-one chit-chat time in order for me to relax."

"Laurie Powell is awesome. She is down to earth and has a great personality and makes me feel more comfortable and relaxed."

"Laurie Powell is a great mid-wife. She is so considerate and caring."


"I appreciate the work everyone has done for your practice. I have been coming here for years. Before Dr. Young I had Dr. Lenko who was extremely good and very nice. I can honestly say, and I did give this a lot of thought, over the years I have never been treated rudely or unprofessionally. The longest wait I ever had was when the doctor got called to the hospital to deliver a baby. I was asked if I would like to reschedule or wait. It was nice that I was given a choice. I waited and she had a little girl. God is good!"

"A friendly staff, the Holy Bible displayed and there is no discrimination on treatment."

"I have been with your practice since Dr. Cypher began. I have always been treated with care and humor. The doctor calls me if something is wrong. Good location. Easy to be seen if there is a problem."

"Clerical staff seems very organized."

"The nurse who weighed me did not say anything about the high number. This is almost as hard for me as getting a Pap smear."

"I love your evening appointments."

"The only thing I would change about your practice is the need to elect different government officials that will keep their noses out of the medical field."