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Sterilization Reversal

Tubal ligation, which permanently closes a woman's fallopian tubes, has become the most popular method of birth control in America for couples who feel certain that their family is complete. Most women remain happy with this long-term decision, but some may later wish to have another baby.

Sterilization reversal, or tubal reanastomosis, may help by reopening the fallopian tubes and allowing conception. The reversal process is micro-surgery, usually done through a bikini incision. Most patients stay in the hospital 1 day and are home from work 2-4 weeks. Naturally, this surgery carries usual risks of any operation. In addition, the risks of tubal pregnancy increase.

Fortunately, some insurance companies are now willing to cover this fertility procedure. Although we have more than 20 years experience repairing tubes, and have seen some beautiful babies in this situation, no on can guarantee a successful pregnancy. For more information, you may make an appointment with Dr. Cypher.