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Weight Frustration

Many women have expressed frustration about their weight. A lot of our patients have tried many different diets with little lasting improvement. In light of this need for a medically proven, safe, and affordable reduction, we have developed a healthy weight program. This is only for people willing to make real changes in eating and daily exercise. For select patients, safe prescription medicines are very effective to achieve healthy weight. We are very excited about the many women we have already been able to help with their fitness goals.

We now offer the WOW weight loss program. It is Women Overcoming Weight by improving eating habits, increasing exercise, and lifestyle changes. This is not a "quick fix" weight loss program, but rather the beginning of a lifetime of better health. The goal of this program is to teach women to become healthier and to feel great in their own skin. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our office to schedule an appointment.