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To Our Pregnant Patients

Our practice prides itself in having a diversity of professional staff to take care of you. We have encouraged our patients to see each of us on a rotating basis so that they may get to know us better. This allows the professional staff to know our patients better as well.

Occasionally a patient will ask to see only 2 or 3 of us rather than the entire group. We certainly do permit that. Please let your request be known when you check out at the front desk.

We would encourage you, however, to try to rotate through all of the professional staff. This makes for a better educational experience for you, as well as allowing you to know your delivering staff member much better. Most of our patients continue to choose to see all of us, which clearly benefits them when they go into labor. By the end of their pregnancy, they feel comfortable that they have seen everybody two or
three times.

We would also like to let all of our obstetric patients know that we meet on a weekly basis to discuss our patients, particularly those with high risk problems. We do this to ensure good continuity of care throughout pregnancy.